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So I think it is safe to say Stew and I have done a bit of travelling of late (it’s been quite a busy few months haha), and it has been AMAZING! We have seen so many beautiful and wonderful places, and we have barely even started yet! We really have been so lucky. And with all this wander-lusting, I have learnt a lot about myself as a traveller, about Stew as a traveller, about travelling together and about travelling as a whole. So with that being said, here are a few tips and insights to try and make your adventures as magical as possible.

Communication is key

First things first– something I have learnt and that we should all remember, is that every trip you go on is different. Different groups of people will want to see or experience different things on a trip, and that is OKAY! Also, we each have our own idea of what a great holiday/trip is or what we want to do on the trip. So communication BEFORE the trip is important! Make sure everyone is on the same page while planning the holiday so that you will all experience what you want to experience and have a great time!

Plan plan PLAN…

Every day I realise more and more I need to be a better planner. I usually leave the decision making or planning to Stew (or others), which isn’t fair on them, or myself really. It’s mostly because I want everyone else to have a good time and do what they want to do. And, I don’t mind what we do most of the time. But it could also be because I am slightly indecisive… maybe.

So the second thing to remember is to PLAN your trip. It doesn’t have to be a super detailed schedule, but a list of things you want to see is a good start. Especially when you travel with someone else. This way you all know what there is to see and can plan days together and days where you can split up and do your own thing. When you are alone, it’s fine because you can do whatever you want and not bum anyone else out.

Like I have mentioned before, travelling alone, travelling with your husband and travelling with family are all very different types of travel. I have never really done a solo trip, so I can’t comment on that (YET), but I have done my fair share of travelling with Stew and with family.

Stew and I both love to travel! We love to see new places, experience new things and immerse ourselves in the new country/city/town. Stewart is also a very active person, whereas I am active, but I enjoy having time doing nothing and just relaxing. So planning a trip helps us prepare for the active days and make sure there is some time to chill out and just soak things up.


Yes, the word most of us do not like to hear. BUT, a very important word that goes hand in hand with planning and having a stress free holiday. Going on holiday is great and you don’t want to miss out on things because you have used all your money on the first day, or didn’t plan properly. You also don’t want to swipe that credit card and regret it when you get home. So, set some limits.

  • First off, set an overall budget you want to spend on the vacation.
  • Then, you need to minus flights and accommodation.
  • A really important thing to budget for is transport. Stew and I love to walk everywhere, but sometimes, you need to take a bus or taxi. Especially in big cities, or if you are going out into the country for a day. So make sure you factor this in.
  • Once those are done, you can see how much money is left to spend. Then plan a daily amount you would like to spend on food – because eating is half the fun! The meals you enjoy on holiday can often lead to the fondest and most cherished memories!
  • Next, Research entrance fees for the sites you really want to visit, and souvenirs you are set on buying, so you are prepared for those costs.
  • And then add an extra buffer you want to spend each day.

I know it really sounds boring and lame to set limits. Trust me, I feel the frustration. But, these are really going to help you not spend a fortune! Also, don’t feel you have to stick to your extra fluff money every day. That’s money to spend on great unexpected experiences and treats. Knowing that you have planned for the necessities, means you will feel better about spending the extra fluff and you won’t worry about how much money is leaving your wallet.

Try new things!

Cycling in Amsterdam

The usual starting point when visiting a new country is to Google “things to do in…” Which is great! Research is so important in finding out what amazing things there are to see and do in a country. But, remember, those are also all the commercial “touristy” things to do. The great part of travelling is that it is an adventure. And the best part of the adventure is trying new things. So make sure you add some cool secret sights to your research or better yet, just go for a walk and see what you find! Get lost in the city and expand your horizons! A great way to see a city cheaply is to go on a free walking tour! These are awesome and you simply tip the person who is leading you! They also have great insights and recommendations for other places to see.

In light of that, you may want to just set aside half a day or so, to just wander off into the city or country. Also, make sure to ask locals where great places to eat are, or what they love to do in the country/city/town. They are usually so happy to share some great places that are cheaper and unique! Not sure who to ask? Your hotel receptionist, Airbnb host, local coffee shop waiter. It is also a wonderful way to meet new people!

Make memories!

Going on vacation, travelling, exploring new places… these are the best memory makers there are! Make sure you enjoy every moment of it. Don’t be too afraid to try new things, speak to people, get lost! Those are the best memories and stories to share! Take pictures, lots! But also, don’t hide behind the camera… remember to just enjoy it first! Bring back silly reminders of the laughs and special places. Oh, and these adventures are all about growth too! So let loose and allow yourself to bloom into a traveller of the world!


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