Hey, I’m Gabi!

…also known as Gabs, Gab-Dizzle, Gabtronix and probably any other cool name that has GAB in it.

I am a 25 year old Italian-South African, living in a small German town called Siegen, with my amazing husband Stewart (also known as Stew, Stew-Dizzle, Stew-Dowg etc).

Some fun facts about me:

  • I am an explorer in the making – because “Adventure is out there!” and I must answer the call (UP may be a favourite movie of mine).
  • Currently having an affair with one of my great loves – food (my husband doesn’t mind).
  • I am no saint but striving to follow the path God has called me on and hoping to make a difference while doing it.
  • Wife to my soulmate Stewart– opposites attract and love knows no bounds.
  • Some of my favourites start with the letter F – Family, Friends, Food, Faith, Forests, Fantasy and Fun.
  • If I were a car I would be a Fiat 500 fueled by good coffee and a backseat filled with Bombolone pastries.
  • What would be playing as I drive the streets of adventure?
    • Movie soundtracks (Harry Potter and Mamma Mia being at the top if that list),
    • Latino Music of course,
    • Christian music is a must and
    • Some hardstyle/dubstep/trap (some for me but mostly for Stew because of course he will be driving with me).
  • What are some of my talents you ask? Well…
    • Memorizing movies and acting them out whilst re-watching them (or just reenacting them to anyone who will listen, usually with my sister Serena),
    • I would say I am quite a decent cook with a particular love for baking,
    • Making conversation with random people I have just met (ask those peeps at the last The Script concert in South Africa),
    • Coming up with some quirky and new ways of marketing… sadly never on demand, it’s spontaneous!
  • I love nature! Forests, mountains, the coast… ALL OF IT. I just don’t like spiders… or snakes. Hmmmmm… Australia may be at the bottom of the bucket list


What will you find on this Blog?

Let’s talk about one of my great loves… FOOD!


I LOVE food! Everything about it and almost all kinds of it. A love I probably inherited from my grandfather, spurred on by a family of amazing cooks (Italians seem to have that talent) and shared with my other great love – Stewart. I love how it brings people together, how it comforts and celebrates and can be made in SO MANY different ways.

Not only do I love eating food, but I adore making it. Seeing the faces of those enjoying what I have created brings me so much joy and makes me want to create so much more. My food dreams are big and ever-changing. I don’t know where they will take me but I am definitely enjoying finding out – my taste buds agree!

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” – George Bernard Shaw

“Adventure is out there!” -UP


 I am so lucky that i have the opportunity to visit so many great countries, cities, towns and, yes, FORESTS! There is so much more to see in this world – different cultures, cuisines, architecture and more! With all these new things to see, are so many lessons to be learned. My plan is to see and experience as much as I can, and to share my experiences with YOU! So, WE GO!

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” -Gustav Flaubert


…that’s the 411 on me and the blog… reflections, recipes, and travel. I am sure there is so much more I could add and probably will add in the future. Let me just warn you though, I am no famous or award-winning writer. I am just a woman with this crazy feeling that she has something to share with the world and decided to finally do it.

I hope you enjoy the blog and would love to hear some feedback!

Happy Exploring 🙂